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V Resorts has pledged its support to the cause of sustainable tourism by committing to work with International Finance Corporation (IFC) units EDGE green building certification. With over 100 boutique resorts spread over 17 Indian states and plans to expand across South and South East Asia, V Resorts has remained committed to providing boutique experiences in the travel space entrenched deeply in local cultural elements. Now, with the implementation of EDGE certification, the company plans to create a more economically viable path to building a greener and more sustainable growth trajectory.

The company has agreed to register and certify 20 resorts, not just in India but also for its upcoming properties in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bhutan. V Resorts and IFC hope to showcase these as strong examples of conscious tourism – a proposition that benefits businesses, communities, and travellers, as well as the planet at large. To realize this ambition, the two organizations will come together, and at a resort level, aim to lower carbon emissions and promote resource-efficient methods of facilities management. The company hopes to ensure that environmental sustainability remains a high priority in not just its own existing resorts but in all projects undertaken by V Resorts in the future as well.

An innovation of IFC, EDGE (“Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies”) was created to respond to the need for a measurable solution to prove that the next generation of buildings can be more profitable through resource efficiency. To qualify for certification, a new building must achieve a minimum 20% reduction in energy, water, and embodied energy in materials compared to a conventional building. Further, EDGE also includes software to empower building professionals to quickly and easily determine the most cost-effective ways to build greener structures, based on occupant behavior, building type and the local climate.

Speaking on this commitment, Aditi Balbir, CEO of V Resorts says, “EDGE gives true and tangible meaning to environmentally friendly construction. By joining hands with IFC and EDGE, we hope that we can build a portfolio of innovation that will jumpstart the mainstreaming of green buildings across the travel industry. The goal for us is to do our bit in tackling the seemingly daunting issues of sustainable development and addressing it at a micro level.”

“Market transformation begins with the commitment of early adopters such as V Resorts who understand how IFC’s EDGE certification can both differentiate their properties and positively impact their profitability,” said Marcene Broadwater, Global Head of Strategy and Business Development for IFC’s Climate Business Department. “By taking a comprehensive approach to verifying the resource efficiency of their future properties, V Resorts will set an example for others in the market to follow, helping to lead the tourism sector in India towards a greener built environment.”

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