Rationalization of corporate taxes is a big expectation: Vinay Singhal, WittyFeed


India Budget 2018

Vinay Singhal, Co-founder and CEO - Wittyfeed
Mr. Vinay Singhal

As entrepreneurs, we have a dual expectation from government – support for entrepreneurial initiatives and a favorable tax regime.

The massive changes in the economy in last few years like demonetisation and GST implementation should begin to reflect their effects from this financial year onwards. Rationalization of corporate taxes is a big expectation from this budget; paring down of corporate tax to 25-28%. The tax cuts would help entrepreneurs manage the challenges arising out of changes made by other administrations around the world, especially US. We foresee continued support from the government for entrepreneurial innovations through simplified rules and ease of implementation.

Mr. Vinay Singhal is the Co-Founder & CEO of WittyFeed.

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