Our request is to reduce the corporate tax rate: Ajay Agarwal, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, South Asia

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India Budget 2018

Ajay Agarwal - Finance Director, EO
Mr. Ajay Agarwal

Our request to the Hon’ble Finance Minister would be to reduce the corporate tax rate to 20% as done by US and many of the other countries. To reduce some kind of incentive or tax break for exporters given tough situation faced because of implementation of GST and delay in refunds. Relook at divided tax as dividend is already been taxed twice.

  1. When company earns profit.
  2. When the company issues dividend for pay 20% dividend tax. Now at the hand of the recipient where again recipient pays tax on divided received above Rs.10 lakhs. It is not fair that the same income be taxed three times.

Mr. Ajay Agarwal is the Finance Director of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, South Asia

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