Health Protection Scheme a big step towards Universal Health Coverage: Dr. Vishal Beri, Hinduja Healthcare Surgical

Hinduja Healthcare Surgical

India Budget 2018

Dr. Vishal Beri, Hinduja Healthcare Surgical
Dr. Vishal Beri

The promise on health spending with the Government’s 2018 budget announcement has displayed a continuity of thought. The flagship National Health Protection scheme seems to be one of the largest benefit programmes, and a milestone towards achieving greater affordability and accessibility, when it comes to healthcare.

The newly announced “Health Protection Scheme” seems like a bold move and a big step towards Universal Health Coverage. However, as with previous schemes, the key remains successful execution and minimization of leakages.

The Government’s idea to set up 24 new medical colleges and hospitals, by upgrading district level ones, will help address the shortage of skilled medical professionals, albeit only over the medium term. Overall, it is a pursuit which will bring healthcare closer to every household.

Dr. Vishal Beri is the CEO of Hinduja Healthcare Surgical

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