FM’s emphasis on Technology to be the biggest driver in improving the quality of education: Harshil Gala, eSense Learning

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India Budget 2018

Mr. Harshil Gala, Director- eSense Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Harshil Gala

One of the key highlights of the budget speech of the Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitely has been the initiative on basic education. The initiative aims at improving the quality of education and achieving desired learning standards, district wise. Moreover, a significant budget has been set aside for teachers training and digitization of education and transformation from the blackboard to smartboards in school.

Finance Minister also proposed integrated training programs for teachers and made these training essential during service.These are certainly the steps that would help in improving the standards of school education in our country.

FM’s emphasis on Technology to be the biggest driver in improving the quality of education is noteworthy and it will surely make a difference to the current standards if digitization of education is timely implemented.

Overall this year’s budget indeed adds buoyancy to the education sector, and the time-bound implementation and monitoring will go a long way in bridging the gap between the global education and our standards. A good beginning, better late than never.

Harshil Gala is the Director of eSense Learning

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