We are expanding our portfolio of online and blended learning courses: Ambarish Datta,BSE Institute


BSE Institute Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of BSE Limited. BSE Institute offers a bouquet of courses related to financial markets for students interested in achieving and upgrading their skills in this field, ranging from 5 international PG programs to more than 100 short term certifications.

Repying to Yash Ved of Newsbarons, Ambarish Datta, MD and CEO of BSE Institute says, “We are launching courses including Data Analytics for Financial Markets, Blockchain and Cyber Security for financial applications.”

NB: What are the major changes you see in education industry?

Ambarish Datta: The emergence of newer forms of learning engagement like micro learning are enabling people to continuously learn on the go. Micro-learning is an emergent learning strategy known for quickly closing skill and knowledge gaps. It is an ideal instructional approach for many situations because: Information changes quickly.

Tell us about importance of training / re-skilling for existing workforce.

Ambarish Datta: With change in technology, regulations, products and services being so rapid and continuous, it’s mandatory for people to be re-skilled . Life long learning is a reality that we need to accept. The concept of lifelong learning requires a paradigm shift away from the ideas of teaching and training towards those of learning, from knowledge-conveying instruction to learning for personal development and from the acquisition of special skills to broader discovery and the releasing and harnessing of creative potential. This shift is needed at all levels, whether formal, non-formal or informal.

Last year, BSE Institute signed MoU with Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge (TASK) to create a financial education center. Tell us how it will help create a global talent pool for the challenging BFSI industry.

Ambarish Datta: TASK has been setup to bring synergy among institutions of Government, Industry & Academia with an objective of offering quality human resources and services to the industry . They are tying up with industry leaders in each sector. We are working with them to build a skill pipe line that will service not only the growing demand for skilled BFSI professionals from local corporates from within in India but also to work global BFSI processes in the banking, investment banking and capital market verticals.

NB: Tell us about latest trends in the financial learning sector in connection with employment demands.

Ambarish Datta: The finance industry is seeing a lot of change due to the impact of financial technology. Things like Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, AI and Algo trading are transforming the way the industry works resulting the emergence of a new set of techno-financial job profiles. So the training programs are being continuously re-aligned to meet this demand.

NB: Brief us about your collaboration with IBMC Global?

Ambarish Datta: IBMC Global has been our partner for the last few years and we have rolled out a number of skill development initiatives in India as well as in the GCC region.

NB: Which are the new courses you coming up with?

Ambarish Datta: We are launching courses including Data Analytics for Financial Markets, Blockchain and Cyber Security for financial applications.

NB: Are you planning to open any more branches/centers? What is your strategy in term of expansion?

Ambarish Datta: We are exploring the feasbility of not only opening more branches and centres in key cities, but also expanding our portfolio of online and blended learning courses so that we can reach out and offer our courses across the globe.

BSE Institute has training and assessment centres in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Thane, and New Delhi. In addition it has exclusive assessment centres in Kochi and Rajkot.

Over and above this, we have many partner institutions across India in places like Bareilly, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Dehradun, Faridabad, Gandhinagar, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, Hyderabad , Jaipur and Pune where we conduct exclusive programs on the partner institution campus.

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Yash Ved
Yash Ved is a Senior Correspondent at NewsBarons and comes with a decade of experience across leading online and offline publications. A keen observer of the stock index movement, Yash also likes covering Real Estate and the BFSI sector. A financial management and Journalism student, Yash believes learning as a continuous journey and enjoys following the IT and the Pharmaceutical industry and has penned many articles on the subjects.