Budget focused on making positive structural reforms: Nikhil Arora, GoDaddy India


India budget 2018

Nikhil Arora, Vice-President & Managing Director, GoDaddy India -1
Nikhil Arora

The budget this year focused towards “Ease of Living” & “Ease of doing Business” to strengthen agriculture, health, education, employment, MSME and infrastructure sectors”. It is good to know that our economy is on course to achieve over 8% growth. Government is recognizing the multi-faceted role played by the MSME sector towards encouraging the generation of self-employment with these tax relief and subsidies on custom duty. This year’s budget also saw a huge allocation of funds to the MSME sector to help them get started and continue to grow, this allocation comes as a big relief for the sector badly in need for such encouragement. More support for MSME for NPAs and troubled enterprises and funding will indeed benefit the MSME sector at large and contribute to the Indian economy in the long run. Overall, the budget focusses on making positive structural reforms to drive India’s growth story further.

I would rate this Budget 9/10”

Nikhil Arora is the  Vice-President & Managing Director of GoDaddy India