A blueprint to guide schools in the adoption of technology is required: Ambarish Datta, BSE Institute

BSE Institute

India Budget 218

Ambarish Datta

The announcement by the Finance minister to increase digital intensity in education, is indeed a very welcome step. Today’s global economy and high–speed broadband infrastructure demand a workforce that can keep pace with unprecedented technological advances. So it is very critical to get students future ready by inculcating the use of technology at the school level. This will allow us to provide more flexibility and personalization to the individual students learning ability, learning style and pace. We can now deploy education content – online lessons, learning games, collaborative tools, that will be more intuitive, more personalized and more effective. With real-time assessments, we can help teachers identify how each child learns, where he needs improvement and which learning strategies suit him best. This creates enormous opportunities to personalize each student’s coursework, to match her learning style, fill skills gaps and even help her enjoy school more. We must have a blueprint in pace to guide schools in the adoption of technology to ensure that they adopt technology and use it in a transformative manner.

[Ambarish Datta is the MD & CEO of BSE Institute]