SharkID Launches App for Business


SharkID, the Smart Phonebook app, today launched “SharkID for Business”, enabled by the corporate card. It is targeted at professionals (employed & self-employed), businessmen, SMEs and brands.

Founded by Mr. Ramesh Sinha, a technocrat and serial entrepreneur, SharkID is a smart phonebook app that auto-updates itself and focuses on creating digital card format of contacts. When a company card is registered (verified through OTP), multiple fields are filled in – this creates the Corporate Card. The company name or brand is usually the SharkID chosen. When it gets verified, Brand Dialing can be availed. Just dialing in the brand name will connect the dialer to the nearest outlet. (e.g: dial PizzaHut to connect to the nearest PizzaHut outlet). Every employee of the company can be given a SharkID business card and the database will remain updated in real-time, in case of attrition. For an enterprise, communicating within the company and with customers becomes much easier. Similarly, for hiring purposes, SharkID will enable a background check – one can see if the person concerned is connected to any employee within the organization.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Ramesh Sinha, Founder – SharkID, said, “SharkID for Business” will fundamentally impact the way business is done – RN (referenced networks) will ensure there are more referrals, more trust, more conversations and more volumes. With SharkID enabling convergence and conversations, I am confident that Enterprises will embrace this idea & form their own communities on our platform. Whether it is customer interface, insights, business patterns….the sheer amount of intelligence generated by SharkID will be of immense value to the enterprise. At SharkID, we strongly believe that individuals, Enterprises and brands have latent brand equity that has yet not been fully leveraged. Our AI & Big Data mesh will enable smarter referrals across the board to unleash the power of smart networks”.

“Imagine technology having a fundamental impact on core management functions like HR, Customer relations, Sales and Marketing. Think of a Hoarding with only the logo and brand name – so, because the brand name is the SharkID. Whenever a customer or a potential business lead searches for the brand, they get referred to someone in the brand’s network and get the info about how they are linked. Think of the incredible amount of intelligence that various departments like HR, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, etc…would get through SharkID and how this could be deployed in real-time for maximum efficiency” he added.

With over 2.5 lakh downloads, 25 lakh calls made, 350 lakh mobile number network and 50 lakh caller discoveries; the company is looking to deepen the user experience and expand the user-pool across India to 10 million by March 2019.