Pramati technologies launches WaveMaker in India

Predicted to be a $27.2 billion-dollar market by 2022, low code is experiencing a steep growth curve.

Pramati Technologies, the software product company widely known in industry circles for the Pramati App Server, today officially launched in India it’s low-code platform – WaveMaker, which is custom built for enterprise developers to transform aging applications.

Predicted to be a $27.2 billion-dollar market by 2022, low code is experiencing a steep growth curve. Recently, large enterprise ecosystem players like Microsoft (PowerApps), Google (AppMaker), Salesforce (Lightning) and Oracle (APEX) have begun to prominently endorse the low-code features in their product portfolio. This is a clear indication of low-code’s growing importance in the realm of Enterprise IT.

“WaveMaker is designed ground-up to help businesses transform their aging applications”, said WaveMaker’s CEO Vijay Pullur. “Low-code started life as an app toolkit for the business user, but today it’s part of developer heavy initiatives like app transformations and migrations. The Indian IT industry for a long time now has been obsessed with just custom software development and is lagging behind in serving emerging opportunities in IoT, AI and Blockchain. This is primarily due to scarce development resources being allocated to maintenance roles. WaveMaker addresses this issue by wiping off typical developer burdens like coding, scripting, troubleshooting and underlying language, and this makes custom app development fast and agile.”

To transform aging applications WaveMaker combines it’s two platforms – Rapid and HyScale. While Rapid accelerates app development using low-code, HyScale streamlines app delivery using containers. To help iron out deeper problems along the way, WaveMaker also offers custom engineering services. With this platform-led approach to legacy transformation, WaveMaker has achieved immense success in North American markets. From simple Oracle form based apps to complex Mainframe green-screens, WaveMaker has been able to deliver production success faster and with minimal development resources.

“Unlike other low-code platforms in the market, WaveMaker’s primary users are enterprise developers not business users. From the way the UI is layed out, its interoperability with IDE’s to the Open standards based tech stack used, every detail is made keeping the developer in mind – ample dexterity to handle any complexity” said Deepak Anupalli, WaveMaker’s head of product engineering.

WaveMaker is available as a free trial (no credit card required) for the first 30 days, post which it can be used on cloud or on-prem with a license fee, priced per user. There is full training and learning support offered even during the trial. WaveMaker can also be white-labeled for companies looking to integrate it deeper into their development ecosystems.

Latika Bhargava
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