Pustakkosh, a Start-up to help the students to save money & earn revenue

Pustak Kosh


To address the short-term needs of students in college life from sports equipment to musical instruments and student furniture, a one-stop student-centric rental solution has been launched in the market. This is an initiative of Pustakkosh, a start-up working in the areas of innovative student rental solution which has already been a market leader in textbook rentals. This one-stop student rental solution plan to address the student cost concerns & bad quality used market issues which are faced by them. It is also an opportunity for students to maximize returns & save money thus aligned with the actual usage.

The student can conveniently rent or sell books or items required via their portal, android app, customer care or WhatsApp helpline (9136437970, 9911372785). On the portal student can search the books or items they need in the search box and choose the rental period and order. At the end of the rental period pickup can be scheduled when the refundable security is returned and rent deducted. If the student decides to keep the book or change the rental period the option is available.

Similarly, If the student is interested in selling items or books, a request can be placed on the portal where details can be filled. If the student has a large number of books or other items they can register as a seller on the platform. Once the account is approved the students can place the items for fulfillment via Pustakkosh and get paid.

According to Shachindra, Co-founder of Pustakkosh, “Student’s needs range from sports equipment like cricket bats, badminton rackets or musical instruments like hobby guitars, Casio or even student furniture is required only for a temporary phase. Based on actual requests and similar experience with textbook rentals we thought to step up to fulfill this requirement by giving a holistic cheaper option for the most student needs on a rental basis.”

He further added “that the student’s rental is a new concept that not only provides comfort and convenience but will also help save time and money to the student community at large. Moreover, Students are always cash-starved and looking for an innovative solution to save money.”

According to Divya Yadav Student at Amity University “Innovative disruption in traditional markets saves money, hassles and we love it.”

In the words of Deependra Kumar, Student “After approaching many bookstores across Delhi/NCR, once I approached Pustakkosh to get some second-hand books. I was thinking that the books won’t be available, there were a lot of things wondering in my mind like price, the condition of books etc. but the result was different altogether. I got all the books at the lowest price I was searching for a long time. The best thing I found in my case; They never ever make false promises. They have really a wide range of books. ”
Another from AKTU goes on to add ” Great place to buy/rent. The prices are low enough and the system is flawless”. Students at Hindustan College Agra want Pustakkosh “to extend the book rental service asap”

India has a student population of over 300 million with 789 universities, 37,204 colleges and 11,443 stand-alone institutions, as per the latest statistics from the UGC. From rental commerce 18-25, age segment is one of the best markets which is growing in India with a CAGR of 20%. In such huge market size of students, there is not a single company catering to the rental solution of the students. Pustakkosh aims to capture this market that has been unexplored.

About Pustakkosh Rentals

Noida- based Pustakkosh Rentals is one of the first student focussed one-stop rental platform. Its innovative logistics, cost reduction, with a combination of fulfillment centers, book trucks based on student density makes it viable and convenient for its customers
Pustakkosh Rentals was started as a textbook rental company by Ruchi and Shachindra Sharma, the husband-wife duo who resolved to provide a tailor-made solution for students