Shopmatic announces 50% discount to set online shop for small business owners

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The latest offer by Shopmatic is set to enable the long-tail of small-scale businesses, homepreneurs, hobbypreneurs, amongst others, to start selling online, ahead of the festive rush.

With online shopping being in the rage around the seasonal festivities, international e-commerce company Shopmatic is giving small businesses a golden chance to participate in the frenzy by setting their digital shops. The e-commerce company has announced 50% off on its yearly and half-yearly plans between 22 Oct and 10 Nov. Small businesses can make the most of online retail opportunity as Shopmatic is offering all-encompassing e-commerce services for 6 months + 1 month free at INR 4400 and 12 months + 3 months FREE at 8800. Aspiring and ambitious merchants can now avail the extensive collection of tools to set-up online shops, manage and operate the same at discounted prices.

The latest offer by Shopmatic is set to enable the long-tail of small-scale businesses, homepreneurs, hobbypreneurs, amongst others, to start selling online, ahead of the festive rush. As per reports, half of India’s annual online retail happens during the festive season. However, a number of small business owners are denied access to this incredible opportunity, due to huge upfront investments and lack of technical know-how required in setting up online shops. As an e-commerce company, Shopmatic endeavors to help small businesses overcome these challenges by providing a powerful suite of services and tools, such as customization store builder, payment gateway & shipping integration, data insights and promotional tools.

Those entrepreneurs who build their stores online before Diwali will be able to leverage the festive rush in sales to their advantage. Commenting on the latest Promo, Anurag Avula, CEO of Shopmatic, said, “We are fascinated by the growing entrepreneurial spirit in the nation today. People are inclined now, more than ever, to turn their ideas, passions and hobbies into full-fledged, revenue-generating business models. These include homemakers, students, hobbyists, artisans, craftspeople, SMEs and more. At Shopmatic, we are determined to support the ambitions of these aspiring entrepreneurs, by simplifying online selling and removing the obstacles in their digital journeys. Furthermore, the festive season begets an unmatched opportunity for online selling. We are hopeful that the growing number of aspiring entrepreneurs will find it easier to set their digital shops and have their businesses prosper during the festive season and after! “

As the festive rush sets in, online businesses are better equipped to reach their audiences, grow and expand their business. With Shopmatic, not only will the businesses enjoy easily affordable access to a feature-rich, scalable, and customizable online store but will also be able to entice their audience with lucrative deals and offers. From payments to promotional campaigns and more, Shopmatic helps online businesses sell & succeed, every step on the way.

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Shopmatic is an international e-commerce company that has been launched to help business owners sell their products and services online. From developing a unique web store to listing businesses on marketplaces and social media channels, to give insights on how to sell online, Shopmatic helps business owners manage the full spectrum of what is required to grow their businesses.

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