K Raheja Corp’s Commercial Business leads LEED certification in India


As per U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), India is ranked third for the most sustainable spaces in the world.

K Raheja Corp, one of India’s leading real estate conglomerates, has been ahead of the curve in building sustainable edifices and have pioneered the industries’ responsibility towards contributing to a green society. Under a recent list released by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), India is ranked third for the most sustainable spaces in the world, and K Raheja Corp contributes to a significant 11.42 million sq.ft., a noteworthy share of the total green commercial office space.

Over the years, K Raheja Corp, has successfully executed 29 commercial LEED-certified buildings across the country, with a substantial 3.89 million sq. ft. coming from its commercial green building registered with LEED. Through its relentless effort, and its buildings certified in the categories of Gold and Platinum, it has been recognized with awards across prestigious forums like the ‘Sustainable Building Award – 2016’, United Kingdom, Green Apple Award, United Kingdom, ‘Outstanding Contribution for Green Building Footprint in India – GreenCo Summit’, ‘Africa Sustainability Awards’ and ‘The Ingersoll Rand International Energy Efficiency Leader Award’.

Corroborating the commitment to green, Shabbir Kanchwala, Senior Vice President, K Raheja Corp said “The idea of encouraging sustainability, green building concepts has taken the front foot in the Real Estate industry. To be ranked third just behind China and Canada speaks volume of where India is with respect to green building and sustainability. K Raheja Corp’s contribution is part of the commitment made in 2007 to developing green buildings, and ever since we have meticulously created best practices to ensure least carbon footprint.”

The work of innovative building projects such as K Raheja Corp’s is a fundamental driving force in transforming the way buildings are built, design and operated,” said P. Gopalakrishnan, Managing Director – APAC and Middle East market, GBCI (Green Business Certification Institute). “Buildings that achieve LEED certification are lowering carbon emissions, creating a healthier environment and reducing operating costs while prioritizing sustainable practices. Because of K Raheja Corp, we are increasing the number of green buildings and getting closer to our goal to outpace conventional buildings, while being environmentally and socially responsible and improving the quality of life for generations to come.