Can Reliance be amongst the top 20 companies in the world?

Reliance industries ltd

Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director,Reliance Industries Limited has given the speech On the occasion of Reliance Family Day 2017.

Mukesh Ambani says, “There cannot be a better celebration of our 40years than to be with my entire Reliance Family of over 250,000 people… in its full spirit and glory…all together.This is also my 40th year in Reliance.Over the last 40 years, I have been very fortunate to lead Reliance.Nobody has ever achieved anything big, in business or in any other walk of life, without courage.Of course, whenever you do anything big, you do feel a little scared.”

Therefore, I want today’s young leaders at Reliance to realise that achieving your potential is the quest of the ordinary…Conquering the impossible is your destiny.The second lesson I have learnt is… Feel Empathy.Empathy means caring and sharing… with every human being in our organisation and the world at large.The more we care, the higher we grow as human beings.I understand empathy as DIL KI DAULAT!,”

Ambani added, “Can Reliance be amongst the top 20 companies in the world?I believe that, in the coming decades, the world will transition from fossil fuels to clean, green and renewable energy. Can Reliance become a leading provider of clean and affordable energy to India?YES WE CAN… AND YES WE WILL….”

Jio has the opportunity to digitally reinvent… with artificial intelligence and block chain… all sectors of the Indian economy… whether it is entertainment, financial services, commerce, manufacturing, agriculture, education or healthcare. Can Jio be the first company to transform an entire nation in each one of these sectors?

Reliance has an opportunity to be an even stronger partner to our nation… Can Reliance and Jio partner and empower all Indians… our fellow-citizens, small businesses and merchants and Enterprises… so that India can become a global super-power.”