India is the second largest country with registered green building footprint


2018 has witnessed a massive change in India’s focus on environmental awareness and has paved way for the improvement and emergence of an even greener society. The real estate sector alone ingests about 40 per cent of natural raw materials, 25 per cent of water and 35 per cent energy resources. In addition, it emits 40 per cent of wastes and 35 per cent of greenhouse gases. Through growing consciousness and understanding of the benefits of a Green Building, developers have become more cognizant in crafting environmental friendly offerings for their clients. These buildings are ecologically responsible and resource efficient. It not only uses minimum energy and water but also emits less greenhouse gases making the environment healthy. India now has an aspiring target of 10 billion sqft green building footprint by 2022. With the implementation of the Green Building Movement in 2001, India as of March 2018 has achieved 5.27 billion sq. ft. of green footprint making us the second country in the world in terms of the largest registered green building footprint. Emerging trends like the integrated building management systems and net zero concept buildings have gained popularity as it does not depend on any external source for energy and water. Glazing is another technique being used wherein a low ‘e’ double glazed glass is used to reduce the heat ingress into the building. Developers have also adopted the HVAC system to cool homes which is ecofriendly, thereby reducing the overall electricity consumption. With a massive shift in mind-sets now inclining towards the idea of encouraging sustainability, green building concepts have taken the front foot in the Real Estate industry. To create green and sustainable workspaces, K Raheja Corp fortified its commitment to green by celebrating the World Green Building Week 2018 (Sept-24-30) in partnership with US Green Building Council (USGBC) and Green Building Council (GBC); which was hosted across key centers of Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad.

[This is an authored article by Shabbir Kanchwala, Senior VP, K Raheja Corp. All views, opinions and expressions are personal and limited to the author.]