Crowdera launches a crowdfunding campaign for the welfare of the soldiers

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Nation wants it’s people to shift their focus from Soldiers4Country to #Country4Soldiers

Crowdfunding platform Crowdera has decided to put up a campaign for pooling funds through crowdfunding for the goodwill and welfare of the soldiers of our country. The campaign will be called, “Country for the Soldiers” (#Country4Soldiers) and the same will go live on Crowdera website on the “Kargil DIvas” (26th July 2018).

All funds received through this campaign will be donated to the soldiers of our country or to concerned body working towards the welfare of the same. The body to whom the money will be donated has not been decided as of the publishing of this press release. The good samaritans can fundraise or contribute for the soldiers of our country by visiting, Crowdera website. Crowdera calls out the people and communities of the country to join this campaign. Crowdera will accept fundraiser applications from Kargil Divas to the Independence Day, (15th August 2018) and fundraising for this cause will continue till the Republic Day (26th January 2019).

CEO and Founder of Crowdera, Chet Jain quoted, “This is a unique and outstanding opportunity for the people of this nation to serve the soldiers protecting our country. I am very excited and have positive belief that people of this country will mobilize their generous communities to pool funds for the welfare of the soldiers of our country. The entire fund that we raised via this movement of #Country4Soldiers will be distributed to crowdera curated organisations working towards the well-being and welfare of the soldiers of our country. We welcome organizations to share their missions with us to be eligible for this fund”.

About Crowdera

Crowdera is a fintech company which assists people and organizations to raise funds online for causes, emergencies, and dreams through its mobile-friendly web-based crowdfunding platform with no donor dipping. It also offers paid value-added agency services in marketing & advertising space to help its customer amplify their fundraising results.

Founded in 2014 at San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley), the company has supported over 2500 campaigns funded by 5,500 donors from 50+ countries and currently operational in 200 countries and regions by virtue of its payment gateway partnerships.