HDFC securities to initiate Mutual Fund transactions on Facebook messenger

HDFC securities becomes the first broking house to initiate Mutual Fund transactions on Facebook messenger.

  • First broker in Asia-Pacific region to roll out mutual fund transactions through virtual assistant,
  • With simply going to HDFCsec Arya on Facebook messenger, anyone can now give instructions for Mutual Fund transactions from the list of options and get started.


HDFC securities, one of the leading stock broking company in India, becomes the first broker in the Asia Pacific region to launch Mutual Fund transactional capabilities on Facebook Messenger through their virtual assistant, Arya. The organization has rolled out a theme called “The Pace of Innovation” which is structured to innovate and provide intuitive and relevant digital solutions to customers and this effort, is in line with the vision. This particular feature, apart from mutual fund investments, facilitates a quick overview of total portfolio holding, getting the latest stock quotes and opening an account.

How this works:

• Go to Facebook Messenger and search for hdfcsec.Arya
• Can open a trading account
• Post login, one can complete Mutual Fund transactions including investments(SIP/ Lumpsum) and redemption(Partial/All)
• Portfolio holding view is available
• No login required for research recommendations and stock quotes

Speaking on this development, Nandkishore Purohit, Head – Digital Strategy and Analytics said “We want to be where the customers are. Today, social media is a lifestyle statement and we plan to make investments a part of our customers’ lifestyle. Through this conversational style of investing, we are probing our customers to invest in a language they understand and not get caught up in stock market jargons. Through such innovations, we are not only providing a familiar platform for investing but we are also giving a time independent and an all-inclusive (portfolio status, research, stock quotes) window to do so. We are getting ready for the next generation of investors who are enthusiastic to try out various new channels for participating in markets.”

HDFC securities is one of the leading stock broking companies in India and a subsidiary of HDFC Bank- a renowned private sector bank.

As a stock broking company, we have completed 16 plus years of operations. We offer a suite of products and services across various asset classes such as equity, gold, debt and real estate. Be it stocks, derivatives, mutual fund, fixed deposits, NCDs, insurance, bonds, currency derivatives or PMS, we have a product that suits each of your investment needs.

HDFC securities offers web 2.0 technology to trade and our state-of-the art technology enables seamless trading experience on both the exchanges BSE and NSE.

With a decade of experience in trading and a rating of A1+1, we have a proven pedigree in the financial services industry. We cater to the investment needs of customers through our 260 plus branches.