Fincash launches Time Based Mutual Funds product

Time being one of the essential criteria for investing in Mutual Funds, expands into time-based investing for its clients. “It is important for the investors to understand the equation between risk and time in Mutual Funds. Many people take a step back from investing due to the risk involved in MF. That’s is why we have come up with a product extension that is focused on time-based investing”, says Gaurav Perti, CEO,

“In the new expansion, investors can invest for a day to a few months to 3-5 years & more, as per their investment needs.” This widens the investment choices for the investors, so that they can invest as per their time frame and subsequent risk. This makes the decision process simple & easy for the first time investors. In SavingsPlus, we offer funds from the money market (liquid & ultra-short) and the debt category with different time frames, wherein investors can earn better returns than traditional bank savings account. For example, if one is looking to keep the money for a couple of days there is “SavingsPLus- Liquid Plan”, also if one has a slightly long-term horizon (3 years or more) there is SavingsPlus- Corporate Bond Plan”, which invests into debt based Accrual Funds. This is specifically for people who want to invest for short-term & earn optimal returns.

Investors who want to invest for a long-term & take exposure to equity, i.e., for 5 years & more, we offer funds from SmartSIP. “SmartSIP is a bundle of Equity Mutual Funds that caters to various long-term objectives of the investors. Investors can invest for 5 years to 10 years & more in this solution”, says Gaurav.

“Investors should know that how time-based investing can match investors’ expectations & the returns they would make over time, to ensure that they actually earn positive returns, rather than losing capital. Also, investors should keep other risk-factors like volatility, etc., in mind before making their investment. Each Mutual Fund category within itself caters to the different risk and time frames. If one understands the appropriate time of investing, then he is one step closer to make good profits out of his investments”, says Gaurav Perti.

“At Fincash, we not only aim to give solutions to the investors, but also guide them to their investment journey so that in coming times they can independently take all their investment decisions”, says Gaurav.

To make a hassle-free investment for the investors, comes with an added feature, wherein one can invest in just 5 steps.

Latika Bhargava
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