Shadowfax launches WINGS program for small entrepreneurs

Shadowfax, India’s largest last-mile logistics service provider, has initiated WINGS, a convergence program for small and medium entrepreneurs in the logistics industry.

Shadowfax has started the WINGS program as an endeavour to converge small and mid-sized logistics entrepreneurs. WINGS will utilise the local / regional entrepreneurs’ untapped delivery capacities to facilitate faster local movement of higher number of orders. This would result in enhanced earnings for the program participants.

Through WINGS, the company plans to assimilate kirana stores, transporters, franchises, DCOs (Driver cum owners) and individual vehicle owners, all those having short-to-mid-range delivery capabilities, on its plug-n-play format platform.

WINGS program is an integral part of Shadowfax’s scale-up strategy for its asset-light business model. It is a win-win opportunity for the company and its delivery partners. The program partners will get to utilise their unused capacities resulting in enhanced earning while widening the company’s reach in yet unchartered territories. Also, it aims to bridge the gap between supply and demand by bringing everyone together on the Shadowfax platform and reduce supply chain inefficiencies. All individuals as well as businesses with un-utilized logistics resources such as mini trucks or delivery personnel will be the target audience for this program. Through the wings partners, Shadowfax expects to deliver 1.5 lakh orders per day up in the next two years up from the initial 15,000orders planned to be executed per day through this program.

On the launch of WINGS program, Abhishek Bansal, Founder and CEO Shadowfax, said, “WINGS represents a great opportunity for integration of businesses. Inclusion of smaller and mid-sized logistics businesses on Shadowfax’s platform will be a game-changer in the last mile delivery business. The program promises increased business opportunities and hence, increased earning potential for all. Our commitment to our clients for the best and fastest delivery will get fulfilled on a greater scale, and those who associate themselves with the program have added advantage of both monetary and exclusive nature. And when I say exclusive, it means that they can learn more about potential markets and how to tap into them, which will help their own business grow. In the end, it is a complete win-win situation for all.”

Shadowfax is also planning offline centres to acquire partners on WINGS and educate everyone on the Shadowfax model and how it can transform the logistics ecosystem of India by bringing various stakeholders closer and reducing inefficiency in systems.