‘Tech Mahindra NxT’ to power start – ups in Israel

Tech Mahindra

Engage 20 start ups in next 12 months with its global client base

Tech Mahindra announced the launch of Tech Mahindra NxT in Israel, on the sidelines of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to India.

Tel Aviv, Israel’s financial and technological hub will be the nerve center for ‘Tech Mahindra NxT’ program with focus on:

1. Creating collaborative solutions across cyber security, mobility, artificial intelligence, fintech & data analytics
2. Mentoring and help accelerate growth for start-ups by availing ready infrastructure & market know how
3. Currently Tech Mahindra NxT is active in Silicon Valley, California with active collaborations with nine innovative and disruptive start- ups

C. P. Gurnani, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, Tech Mahindra said, “We are truly thankful to Dr. Ami Appelbaum, for having spearheaded innovation from the forefront and for his presence while we roll out ‘Tech Mahindra NxT’ in Israel. Tech Mahindra NxT is all about accelerating growth strategy with start-up collaboration thereby supercharging innovation and cultural transformation. The program will be a flagship one for us globally and we are confident of great results”.

Present at the announcement were Dr. Amiram Appelbaum, Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority & CP Gurnani, CEO & MD, Tech Mahindra.
Set for roll out in February, 2018, with Tel Aviv as the nerve center, the strategic program will look to engage with 20 Israeli start-ups in first year of operations

Tech Mahindra NxT in U. S. A.

Currently Tech Mahindra NxT is active in Silicon Valley California with active collaborations with nine innovative and disruptive start-ups engaged with more than 20 global customers. Through Tech Mahindra NxT program, its customers are connected to relevant technology innovators to help meet digital transformation objectives. And in turn, startup partners have access to compelling opportunities and growth with Tech Mahindra’s global client base.

Tech Mahindra has set up 3 Centres of Excellence on Cybersecurity, AI and Supply Chain IOT – based on start-up partner technology. Tech Mahindra also has a partnership with the University of California, Berkeley on Open Innovation.