Tech Mahindra & Israeli ContextSpace Solutions launch world’s first global privacy ecosystem

Tech Mahindra

Alliance in cloud-enabled affordable privacy, brings ‘Make in India’ to the world

Tech Mahindra, a specialist in digital transformation, consulting and business re-engineering, has partnered with ContextSpace Solutions Ltd, a privacy research and development firm based in Israel, to develop the world’s first global software privacy ecosystem, MyData Shield. Providing a comprehensive approach to data protection thereby delivering privacy by design and by default, the cloud-based “software privacy ecosystem” enables corporate software developers and start-ups to meet tough, global privacy and data protection regulations. By 2020, over one-third of all data will live in or pass through the cloud, with data production in 2020 being estimated at 44 times greater than it was in 2009.

Given the global drive towards strong national privacy regulations, organisations are increasingly concerned about personal data protection and regulatory compliance. With the exponentially growing focus on data gathering by dint of consumers today driving organisational decision making, global as well as local organisations are increasingly concerned about personal data protection and regulatory compliance. Fact also is that personal data is widely fragmented across many organisations, applications and formats making regulatory privacy compliance prohibitively complicated and expensive worldwide. Two years have passed since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the national privacy protection legislation gold standard came into effect, yet even global organisations struggle to comply.

Tech Mahindra has developed MyData Shield, a cloud-based Privacy Protection as a Service that will enable software developers to easily address security and personal data protection concerns. Established on a person-centric model, the service enables millions of organisations pan-industry to lawfully collect and process personal data for a common consumer base. In addition, a centralised ‘privacy portal’ with standardised features that protect the individual’s right to privacy, consent and grievance redressal across multiple industries simultaneously, including health care, financial services, retail and government. Imperative to note is the fact that the service is integration-enabled and supports integration with national identity and trust infrastructure, such as EU eIDAS and India’s Aadhaar biometric registration service.

Based upon our experience in the cyber security and risk management, we know that privacy protection is a core technology challenge and also true personal data protection cannot be achieved in a piecemeal manner. Our answer is to launch a globally-available, cloud-based service that will seamlessly and perpetually protect personal data privacy for any application, across application. New high-end skills would be created to address this global demand and our engineers will take on this challenge to protect the businesses of our customers” said Rajiv Singh, Sr. VP & Global Head, Enterprise Security & Risk Management, Tech Mahindra.

MyData Shield service enables organisations to enable applications for state-of-the-art data security and privacy protection. It is configurable to comply with national/global data protection regulations, thereby freeing developers to focus on application functionality and innovation. The approach will likely revolutionise Digital Transformation by eliminating obstacles posed by personal security and privacy regulations, whilst at the same time vastly improving time to market, data usefulness and the consumer experience.

MyData Shield is based on cyber-privacy concepts, research, development and operational deployment performed jointly by Tech Mahindra from India and ContextSpace Solutions Ltd from Israel and is already used to protect data for millions of people. “Creating a standardised, privacy-protected ecosystem for software developers and start-ups will accelerate Digital Transformation, where privacy compliance is a critical requirement”, said Shmuel Levine, CEO for ContextSpace Solutions. “Our partnership with Tech Mahindra addresses the difficult and expensive lessons learned from the EU GDPR and enables software developers and organisations of all sizes to succeed in a privacy-regulated world”.