ONGO Framework partners with alibaba cloud for MSME digital solutions

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ONGO Framework, India’s leading Artificial Intelligence based Rapid IT and digital solutions provider to SMEs and start-ups, has entered into a partnership with Alibaba Cloud. As a part of the collaboration, ONGO aims to provide a wide range of digital transformation services to 1 lakh micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India by December 2019 during the first phase of the initiative. Through this partnership, ONGO Framework, deployed on Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, will provide MSMEs with both technologies and infrastructure through a ‘solution-as-a-service’ model.

ONGO Framework helps enterprises digitally transform themselves to compete in a hyper-connected and technology-driven business landscape through its low-code / No-code, quickly deployable solutions. Its services are focused on the entire digital journey of an MSME – from their discovery, evaluation, accessibility, commerce, usage, support, engagement to customer loyalty. On the other hand, Alibaba Cloud provides businesses with the infrastructure, platform and solutions, helping them effectively integrate cloud computing into the enterprise’s system. While ONGO Framework will undertake the development of enterprise-centric customizations, Alibaba Cloud will empower the former in deploying these applications seamlessly on the cloud with extensive agility, availability and elasticity.

Commenting on the partnership, Rama Kuppa, Founder & CEO, ONGO Framework, said, “Being chosen by Alibaba Cloud as a technology partner for its expansion within the Indian market is a major milestone for ONGO Framework. We hope to play a key role in the journey of digital transformation of MSMEs in the country, facilitate better last-mile connectivity between businesses and customers, and make them globally competitive powered by Alibaba Cloud.

Alex Li, General Manager, Alibaba Cloud India, commented, “As a part of our growing partner network, we are excited to partner with ONGO Framework to support micro, small and medium enterprises in India to begin their digital transformation journey. We believe ONGO Framework, as one of the industry experts, will play a significant role in fostering the development of digital transformation in India.”

ONGOs enterprise customers are already getting benefited by Alibaba cloud infrastructure with respective to better costing and support. With this partnership and expanded Alibaba Cloud infrastructure in India, ONGO brings world-class infrastructure capability and ensure reliability and scalability for MSMEs of India.

About ONGO Framework

ONGO Framework is a B2B IT and digital solutions provider that helps SMEs and start-ups with enterprise mobility and digital transformation. Operating on an Application-Platform as a Service (A-PaaS) model, ONGO Framework’s proprietary rapid application development and delivery platform can develop mobile and web based applications within a short span of time for enterprises across various verticals and industries.

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