We have invested in a UK based firm: Limesh Parekh, Enjay IT Solutions

Enjay IT Solution


Enjay IT, a technology Company, provides solutions supporting small business to grow big. The company offers CRM solution across marketing, sales and customer support and Asterisk based IP Telephony solution. The company recently invested in a UK based consultancy and is working towards creating a strong presence in the international markets.

Yash Ved of NewsBarons provides the highlights of an interaction with Limesh Parekh, CEO at Enjay IT Solutions, who informed ‘We are probably the only CRM developed in India with Indian Businesses in Mind’.

NB: What is your focus area?

Limesh: We are focused on CRM, Call Centre and Tally Cloud market. SME, Enterprise and Government are three verticals that we cater and focus on. Our Sales Engine consists of direct sales to our customers and also through our channel partners.

Limesh Parekh, CEO at Enjay IT SolutionsNB: What are your plans to further expand channel market?

Limesh: We are appointing more and more partners across India. We also provide them CRM for their own use at a discounted price so that they can have a feel of what they are selling. This creates a huge confidence in the solution.

NB: What are your expansion plans?

Limesh: We are also working towards striking a strategic partnership with some partners in the Middle East and Europe market. As for India, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune are surely on the roadmap in 2018.

NB: What are your plans for the international market?

Limesh: We are working very aggressively with our overseas partners. We also have a local team here in HO to generate overseas business. Instead of just having resellers and dealer partners, we are looking at long-term strategic partnership opportunities.

NB: Brief us about your partnership with Softdrive Ltd?

Limesh: Enjay recently started operations in the UK. Enjay took the stake in an existing UK company named Softdrive Ltd, a consulting firm. Business/Sales Consulting Business and CRM business go hand in hand. It is a strategic move to create a synergy between Enjay and existing setup.

NB: What is the growth scenario of CRM in the Indian Market?

Limesh: It’s very encouraging. CRM market in India is growing and also maturing very fast. Enjay has a unique advantage in Indian Market. We are probably the only CRM developed in India with Indian Businesses in Mind. Most of other CRM vendors are either from Western Countries or Indian developers developing a product for the USA and then selling in India. Maybe that is also the reason why we see a growth rate which is faster than the Industry rate.

NB: What are the benefits of Mobile CRM for startups?

Limesh: Speed, skill and scale are three things that startups crave for. In order to scale very fast, they need a solution which helps them sell faster. Mobile CRM is a tool which helps them to achieve this with their existing skill sets. Moreover, the notion of CRM as a monolithic and giant application has long been discontinued. Now CRM has to be as personal as possible at the same time, as enterprise-ready as possible. Mobile CRM helps an organization to become that.

NB: What are your fundraising plans?

Limesh: We are obviously looking for funding partners, but we are not desperate. We would like to engage in a strategic investment strategy, where the investing partner also has the same thought process and complimenting business model. We are also working towards Private Equity partners in very small portions and many friends, partners and even customers have started investing in Enjay. We see that more engaging and beneficial to all the parties.

Yash Ved
Yash Ved is a Senior Correspondent at NewsBarons and comes with a decade of experience across leading online and offline publications. A keen observer of the stock index movement, Yash also likes covering Real Estate and the BFSI sector. A financial management and Journalism student, Yash believes learning as a continuous journey and enjoys following the IT and the Pharmaceutical industry and has penned many articles on the subjects.