GSS Infotech acquires Nexiilabs

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GSS Infotech Inc. (A wholly owned subsidiary of GSS Infotech Ltd) has signed the Share Purchase Agreement for acquiring 100% shares of Nexii Labs Inc, USA. Nexii Labs Inc. shall become a wholly owned step-down subsidiary of the Company.

Nexii Labs brings a strong capability in the area of Automation for GSS’s existing Cloud and Infrastructure Management Practice. Adding this capability to the existing service portfolio will make GSS more relevant to its customers. Nexii has some of the fortune 500 companies as its customers with revenues of about USD 1.8 Million for FY 2018. The automations capabilities that Nexii Labs specializes in adds value to GSS when the company offer the services to the clients. Nexii’s expertise in Product/solutions engineering services, IT Infrastructure application, IT Infrastructure Automation and Test Automations will further strengthen the capabilities of GSS. The well-trained skill pool that Nexii has creates a competitive advantage in the envisaged automation space.

GSS Infotech CEO, Bhargav Marepally, said, “Automation is a significant driver in the infrastructure management, cloud and other emerging technologies. Nexii’s automation capabilities will power GSS’s services and enhance its value proposition to our global customers. We are excited about this acquisition and the opportunity it presents to add value to our customers and employees.

We will continue to look for synergetic acquisitions to strengthen our focus on building technology expertise such as blockchain, Machine learning and artificial intelligence and building expertise industry verticals such as healthcare.”
About GSS Infotech

GSS Infotech is a global IT service provider that delivers services and customized solutions in the areas of Infrastructure Management Services, IT Managed Services and Cloud. GSS over the last 20 years has worked with Fortune 1000 clients in industry verticals in Healthcare, Banking and Financial Services.

About Nexii Labs

Nexiilabs, a privately held company, delivers IT infrastructure, cloud and storage solutions with the effective use of automation techniques and tools.

Source: BWI