Our focus will remain on building a healthy order book: Ranjan Tayal, Ramco Systems


Ramco is a fast-growing enterprise software player disrupting the market with its multi-tenant cloud and mobile-based enterprise software in the area of HCM and Global Payroll, ERP and M&E MRO for Aviation. Ramco has been focusing on moving towards Cognitive and Robotic ERP with features such as Bot It – which allows users to complete transaction using natural conversations; Mail it – transact with the application by just sending an email; HUB It – a one screen does it all concept built to address all activities of a user; Thumb It – mobility where the system presents users with option to choose rather than type values and Prompt It – a cognitive ability which will let the system complete the transaction and prompts the user for approval.

Yash Ved of NewsBarons provides the highlights of an interaction with Ranjan Tayal, Chief Operating Officer of Ramco Systems who informed ‘We look forward to expanding
our presence in the fast-growing Southeast Asian region.’

NB: Brief us about your Financials application?

Ranjan: Ramco has been investing in building a next-gen financial application that can address the needs of the ‘New Accountant’. Starting from automation of routine tasks, toa solution that is integration ready with all the stakeholder systems, cognitive solutions with machine learning capabilities and BOTS are all redefining the Finance department.Cloud computing will gain further ground. Other areas of investments include voice recognition, machine learning and AI to boost performances. Ramco is also investing in the theme of “Self-running finance”, providing the new-age accountant with the tools of the future.

With the evolution of analytics, the next fundamental shift is in the Business Intelligence and Analytics space. Ramco also introduced Augmented Analytics in Finance, an innovative enterprise cardiogram that detects operational blocks and delays across every process, pivots critical data to reveal the source of the block, and delivers alerts and data insights in terms of multi-dimensional reports and forecasts to permanently remove the source of these block.

Ranjan TayalNB: Brief us about the multi-million dollar order from LBC Express?

Ranjan: Within a year of the first agreement for Ramco HR on Cloud, LBC Express Inc., Philippines’ leading logistics and remittance brand yet again espoused their trust by placing the order to unify and automate their logistics and supply chain operations across 1,300 global branches and 121 warehouses. Philippines is a highly promising market and is adopting next-generation enterprise technology at a rapid rate.

NB: Your current order book position?

Ranjan: We are seeing a healthy order book getting built. While our Q2 2017 order bookings stood at USD 25.3 million – witnessing an increase of 13% y-o-y; the unexecuted order book stands at USD134 mn.

NB: Your outlook for the coming quarters?

Ranjan: Going by the past trend, the future looks promising. Given that the market preference is rapidly shifting towards Cloud, our focus will stay on building a healthy
order book, as accruals on a Cloud deal are typically spread over a period of 3-5yrs.

NB: Comment on your capex and fund raising plans?

Ranjan Tayal: We intend to continue growing organically. However, we are open to invest strategically for IP (Intellectual Property) in our chosen areas of focus in HR & Payroll and Logistics.

We are well-funded and do not see any immediate plans to raise funds. We intend to run on an operational tight-shop mechanism, to avoid the need for any borrowing, for operational reasons. However, for strategic investments, we may consider raising funds.

NB: What are your plans globally?

Ranjan: The technology industry potential is immense with key focus on hyper automation to deal with challenges. We are creating unique products and profiting from lucrative
new markets.

We have been expanding with new offices being set up in Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam in Asia. From a product perspective, our Global payroll platform now addresses 40+ countries, which is enabling global organizations to consolidate their Payroll on a single platform. There have been significant investments in payroll for Japan and are working on adding payroll capability for 2 more countries in Europe. We are also growing HCM footprint by entering New Zealand.

NB: What percentage of revenues comes from global market?

Ranjan: For the quarter ended Sep 2017, 76% of the total revenue was contributed by markets outside India.

NB: Your outlook on the logistics business going forward?

Ranjan: On the Logistics front, we believe that the Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest-growing market for warehouse management systems between 2017 and 2023. This growth is mainly attributed to the expansion of the e-commerce industry and increased emphasis on domestic production by emerging economies such as China and India.

The real-time economy demands faster and timely execution of business processes in every industry, especially in the supply chain, logistics, and transportation industries. This is expected to drive the growth of the transportation management system market.

Yash Ved
Yash Ved is a Senior Correspondent at NewsBarons and comes with a decade of experience across leading online and offline publications. A keen observer of the stock index movement, Yash also likes covering Real Estate and the BFSI sector. A financial management and Journalism student, Yash believes learning as a continuous journey and enjoys following the IT and the Pharmaceutical industry and has penned many articles on the subjects.