Analytics Insight publishes ePaper on Big Data Analytics and AI

Analytics Insight publishes industry’s first ePaper focused on Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence featuring latest technological trends and insights fromindustry experts and academicians

Analytics Insight has launched the industry’s first E-Newspaper (ePaper) focused on Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Robotics, Cloud Computing, and disruptive technologies. These advanced technologies are transforming industries and are significantly improving the global economy and playing an important role in changing our lives for better.

Analytics Insight, a brand of Stravium Intelligence and an influential platform for big data, analytics and insights has published the industry’s first E-Newspaper (ePaper) focused on big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and disruptive technologies.

The ePaper explores the real-world significance and impact of big data, business intelligence, AI, and robotics on different industries globally, featuring latest news, interviews, opinions and views of leading experts and academicians.

The global economy is being transformed by innovation in analytics, AI, automation and robotics. These technological advancements significantly revolutionize our lives and lead us to a smart and better future.

“The publication is the world’s first ePaper dedicated to big data analytics, business intelligence and AI. We feel proud to bring the most advanced technological trends on a single platform serving professionals and stakeholders of complex big data environments,” says Ashish Sukhadeve, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Analytics Insight.

Source: Business Wire India