Wibmo Inc. launches Trident™

Trident™ is an Intelligent Fraud Detection and Prevention System for Digital Payments

Wibmo Inc., India’s largest provider of digital payment authentication and security today announced the launch of TridentTM, the next generation fraud management system for digital payments. TridentTM is designed to replace eGuardTM – the company’s first generation fraud prevention system in use by leading banks in India today.

Advanced fraud prevention for digital payments in emerging markets

According to the company, TridentTM is a comprehensive, enterprise fraud prevention system that performs real-time fraud detection with a combination of rules-based approach and advanced analytics augmented with machine learning. “Being offered in the industry as a low cost, best-of-breed capability, TridentTM leverages our longstanding insight into the payment security domain in India,” said company CEO Govind Setlur. “The experience with eGuardTM, which today secures millions of payment transactions at India’s leading banks, and the industry leadership in payment authentication has enabled us to launch an intelligent, low cost fraud management capability in TridentTM designed for emerging markets such as India,” he added.

TridentTM is designed to work across multiple channels, devices, and payment instruments seamlessly. It profiles and scores each transaction in real-time based on point-in-time fraud trends and patterns, historical data, and customer behavior.

Continued Innovation and Leadership in Payment Security

According to the company, TridentTM brings to bear a number of innovations to protect all parties in a payment transaction. With its seamless integration of dynamic rules, machine learning, device intelligence, and behavioral analytics, TridentTM truly brings state-of-art fraud protection to digital payments. Further, in markets such as India, it supports extensions for configuration of regulatory controls and consumer-centric, multi-instrument fraud scoring and prevention.

Wibmo Inc. a Cupertino, California company is a leading provider of payment security and mobile payments in emerging markets with a strong market presence in India, one of the world’s leading digital payment markets.

Source: Business Wire India

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