Ministry of Railways wants officials to become mentors


Shares Letter of Intent with Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust

In a view to train railway officials and develop their mentorship skills, the Ministry of Railways has proposed to join hands with Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust and shared a letter of intent. The collaboration seeks to provide mentor development services to the officials selected by the Ministry of Railways to allow effective engagements with local communities, and thus optimize the railway procurement of goods and services. This will also help small and micro suppliers/ vendors outsourced by the railways to have a successful and sustainable enterprise.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Lakshmi V Venkatesan, Founding and Managing Trustee, BYST, said, “Inspired by the traditional Guru Shishya Parampara, BYST’s formal mentoring program has been adapted to the modern day needs of the country. With Railways servicing small stations in towns and villages and planning to roll out outsourcing of various services like catering, housekeeping, waste management, logistics, IT maintenance, etc. there is a scope to support small and micro level suppliers to the railways with the guidance of a mentor to ensure enterprises are successful and sustainable.  Here, BYST, with its proven model of mentor development program can provide the vital link in the entire supply chain of railways supply system.”

Objectives of the proposal:

•    To establish the efficacy of mentoring, for the micro level suppliers at the bottom of the pyramid providing goods and services to the railways
•    To train railway officials as mentors and serve as one stop shop for integrated services on mentoring as a pilot in few selected locations
•    To utilize the learnings from the pilot to scale-up and replicate the BYST – Railways collaborative model of mentoring to increase reach and effectiveness across the nation

To begin with, the ministry and BYST plan to launch a pilot phase of the program wherein the chosen officials will be given mentor training by BYST.  Based on the experience and feedback during the pilot phase, the training program will be customized by BYST for widespread training of railway officers.

About Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust

Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust (BYST) is a non- profit organization established in 1992 to help disadvantaged Indian youth to develop their business ideas into viable enterprises. BYST provides financial assistance through partner Banks and mentoring support to the selected young entrepreneurs. BYST provides all round support to young entrepreneurs transforming them from job seekers to job creators. The unique aspect of BYST’s support is mentoring. Mentors by sharing their vast experiences in a range of business domains like: marketing, finance, management, administration etc., giving entrepreneurs the courage to overcome challenges and come out winners.

Ministry of Railways share letter of intent with BYST Founding Trustee, Lakshmi VV

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Guru – Shishya tradition, BYST has attracted top notch business leaders to act as volunteer mentor to the Entrepreneurs. A Mentor hand holds the entrepreneur for the first two crucial years of the business and if required continues thereafter as well. BYST mentor model has evolved over time to cater to entrepreneurs located in remote rural areas as well. Through innovations like mentor mobile clinics, BYST mentors from urban centres travel to the entrepreneur’s location and provide advisory services right at their door steps. Most of the entrepreneurs mentored through BYST have to become role models and regional icons who are today guiding other entrepreneurs.

Mentors are provided with interactive training through Mentor Online, a digital learning tool. On successful completion of the online training, they are accredited through an international organization. In addition, BYST also provides several opportunities to network with other mentors within their respective mentor chapters.