Retigence launches DutyRota solution for healthcare industry

Retigence launches DutyRota solution for healthcare industry


Retigence Technologies Debuts DutyRota Solution to Generate Optimal Schedule for the Healthcare Industry

DutyRota as a solution improves the quality of “Care” in healthcare industry by aligning the nursing staff work load and

Retigence Technologies announces the launch of DutyRota v1.0 that generates optimal schedule by considering the employee preference and compliance guidelines. The solution increases the efficiency of Customer’s Resource Utilization, Employee Satisfaction with Quality. DutyRota generates an optimal schedule based on anticipated number of patients using healthcare quality parameters. DutyRota provides real-time capability to the nursing manager, to dynamically align the Nursing staff to the number of patients.

DutyRota is a cloud-based solution, with a live interface to Biometrics attendance system, and Healthcare Information systems.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of DutyRota v1.0 on Cloud Platform and its positive impact on the healthcare industry targeting medium to large scale hospitals,” said Srinibas Behera, Founder & CEO – Retigence Technologies.

The real-time alignment has been proven to be highly beneficial to our existing customers.

Source: Business Wire India