CARER provides an integrative and holistic approach towards cancer treatment – Samara Mahindra


Samara Mahindra’s new business venture ‘CARER’ is built as a tribute to her mother and towards providing a complimentary holistic healing approach to cancer patients in India. Trained as a Holistic Cancer Coach, Samara has successfully launched the CARER services across all major location in the country in less than a year with plans to soon foray into international markets.

Team NewsBarons spoke with Samara Mahindra on the need for holistic treatment for cancer patients, customized service delivery and future plans.

NB: What was the thought behind launching CARER?

Samara: CARER was launched solely because my mother had gone through cancer for many years and I noticed that there was a complete lack of holistic therapies available for her. We lost her to the treatment and not really the cancer. I didn’t want others to suffer through what I have and hence decided to take the step and provide them with various avenues of healing along with conventional treatment. The idea is for people to never lose hope and know that there are many options available. Any type of healing involves the body and mind and conventional treatment today focuses only on the physical body. Therefore CARER provides an integrative and holistic approach that deals with the body and mind, so we can clear out the root cause of why cancer even happened in the first place.

NB: How does CARER help in the treatment and rehabilitation of Cancer patients?

Samara: CARER focuses on healing patients during and after treatment. We work alongside mainstream treatment and are complementary to the services provided by doctors.

The program is an intensive 3 months in which our main objectives are;
Build immunity
Manage side effects of treatment better
Increase the effectiveness of the treatment
Place you on the right path of decreasing risks of relapse
Heal patients on a physical, mental and emotional level

Samara Mahindra - Carer
Samara Mahindra – Carer

NB: What are the various services you provide?

Samara: All our services are provided in the comfort of a patient’s home and are customised to every case.

The four main fundamentals of our approach are:

– Personalised diet and nutrition plan – this involves assigning a clinical nutritionist to work with the patient on meal plans that are specific to his or her healing. The focus is providing the right nutrition and combination of foods to build immunity.

– Yoga therapy for cancer – Our specialised yoga therapists provide home-based sessions that help detoxification on a physical and mental level. We help in fighting fatigue and other physical disruptions of the body.

– Meditation – Specialised meditation trainers visit patients at home and guide them through meditative techniques to deal with the emotional challenges that might be occurring at this time.

– Coaching and counselling patients and family members – CARER coaches help patients and family members through mental disturbances of stress, anxiety, fears, depression, coping mechanisms and so on.

NB: Do you work with specialist/s to improve your offerings?

Samara: Yes. The specialists that we work with are pioneers in their respective fields. We provide only medically trained clinical nutritionists to work with our clients. The same goes for our other specialists, such as yoga therapists, that are specific to cancer healing and not just yoga teachers.

NB: What is your geographical strength? What are your expansion plans?

Samara: We are present across all major Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India. Our expansion plans are to increase our reach across other regions in the country and also to launch CARER in international markets soon.

NB: You are a ‘For profit’ venture. What is your revenue model?

Samara: We are very much a ‘For profit’ venture; however we provide a nominal fee for our services. We understand the kind of investment that goes into treatment and we don’t want to be a further burden to our patients. Therefore we provide very easy monthly payment options.

NB: Are looking at raising funds? If yes can you share where CARER intends to utilize it?

Samara: We are a self-sustainable business at the moment. However, if we do look at raising funds, it would go towards providing more personalised programs for each cancer type and building awareness about integrative healing.

NB: What is Mission 2020?

Samara: By 2020, we would have extended our boundaries beyond India.