Perishable logistics brand ColdStar partners with Yumlane



Yumlane, India’s first freshly-packed FMCG food brand, has tied up with ColdStar, leading perishable logistics brand as its cold-chain partner. Incubated by Tuscan Ventures, ColdStar’s services include transportation, distribution and storage options for brands manufacturing perishable goods. The supply chain brand has offered its premium services to clients across 30+ cities in India for over 8 years. Its clientele is made up of a diverse group of encompassing Dairy, F&V, processed foods, QSR, confectionary and pharmaceutical majors among others.

In order to create fruitful supply channels for an emerging brand such as Yumlane, ColdStar has retrofitted existing strategies pertaining to longstanding brands in order to create an innovative and flexible roadmap. Through its groundbreaking strategy, ColdStar will enable several consumer touchpoints including modern trade, general trade, eat now channels and eat later channels. The overall strategy will be based on providing unparalleled quality and hygiene along with affordable price points that are tailor made for a brand such as Yumlane.

Speaking on the partnership, Hitesh Ahuja, Founder and CEO, Yumlane said, “We are thrilled to bring ColdStar on board as our cold chain partner. At Yumlane, we are constantly trying to develop and innovate newer sales channels and distribution models. ColdStar, with its rich experience and dedication, is the perfect partner to aid our strategic growth. Through ColdStar’s agile and flexible supply chain model, Yumlane has evolved from a 2-city brand into a 5-6 city brand. The brand has created an out-of-the-box perishable supply chain model for us, considering that Yumlane’s is a unique, first of its kind product. We believe that in tandem with ColdStar, Yumlane will continue to rise and further cement its position as an industry leader in the FMCG food domain.”

Catering to Yumlane’s unique model, ColdStar is expending all its energy into the efficiency of supply, opening newer geographies and efficient and smooth delivery to innovative and newer sales channels. Yumlane, since its inception, has strived to bring a paradigm shift in the Heat & Eat category of food. Through its distinctive value proposition, the brand is offering Indians a wholesome snacking option that can be enjoyed in a matter of seconds. The first player to bring pizza into the retail sector, Yumlane aims to present a simple and delicious solution to India’s hunger pangs. By partnering with ColdStar, the brand has opened up novel avenues for itself, which will allow it to grow further and reach a wider network of consumers, truly revolutionizing India’s snacking culture.

Latika Bhargava
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