Vidyashilp Academy hosts International Career and College Counselling Regional Forum

vidyaship academy


Vidyashilp Academy organized the Bengaluru leg of the International Career and College Counselling (IC3) Regional Forum 2018. The conference saw participation from more than 60 educators across Karnataka. The day-long workshop was curated for career counsellors, teachers, school principals and university stakeholders, who deliberated at length on issues that directly affect the ever-growing student population in India.

The conference saw experienced career counsellors and university representatives from around the world exchanging ideas driving latest global trends in the field of career counselling, and discussed ways to successfully incorporate global insights into the education systems in India. The participants further emphasised on the importance of creating a conducive environment for students to explore their interests by relying on their innate strengths. All delegates agreed on the urgent need to set up counselling offices in high schools considering the growing multiplicity of career options amid increasing uncertainty about future opportunities. The event was also marked by the presence of over 20 university representatives of which 15 universities were from the U.S.

According to industry reports, 86 per cent of students are worried about the choice of subject for higher education, while 92 per cent of them are not given any career-related guidance from their schools. A recent study also showed that 1 in 3 students are unhappy with the subjects that they have chosen.

Speaking about the conference, Mrs Kiran Pai, Director, Vidyashilp Academy said, “Navigating students’ aspirations through the ever-changing landscape of college admissions is not a task that can be done in isolation. The IC3 Regional Forum is a unified effort where school leaders, teachers, college counsellors and university representatives from around the world work together to support student aspirations. There is no confluence in India quite like it. We are honoured to host IC3’s Regional Forum at Vidyashilp Academy.”

Mr. Ganesh Kohli, IC3 Conference Chair; President & Chief Mentor, KIC UnivAssist and Former High School College Counsellor, said, “If we are to transform the lives of the enormous population of students in India, we must aid them with proper career and college counseling. We need to equip every school with a team of effectual, robust, and well-researched counsellors who can aid young students in picking the right career path from the myriad options available. The IC3 Regional Forum is an initiation in this direction, as now counselors can discuss, and come up with the tools that previously only premier schools in India and abroad have had access to.”

Ms. Kalai Selvi’s, Founding Teacher and Head of School, Vidyashilp Academy, Bengaluru, said “Our learning approach has always aimed at enabling students and graduates to do well and do good wherever they are. They can only do that with proper guidance. India’s educational institutions must strive to harness the true potential of children through professional counselling rather than judging them solely based on marks. We are privileged to be a part of platform like IC3’s Regional Forum that is spreading this message far and wide.”

The main aim of the IC3 Regional Forum is to discover ways to provide access to holistic counseling practices to students across the country. Apart from India, these regional forums will be held at local high schools across South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East countries.