Elanpro launches Garbage Cooler

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ELANPRO launched Garbage Coolers. A professional range of coolers for the refrigerated storage of food waste, the new product by ELANPRO refrigerates the garbage to stop further decomposition until its final collection.

ELANPRO GARBAGE COOLER is designed to provide a unique solution to the problems of bacterial contamination and bad odors associated with food waste.Its functionality and attractive designs are indicators that the product is ideal for restaurants and commercial kitchens, as well as shops, which prepare and/or sell perishable food items.

A user friendly product, ELANPRO GARBAGE COOLERis equipped with a touchscreen control panel for display of instructions in plain text. The product is easy to clean as it is made of stainless steel. Anti-bacterial removable door comes with top and front option maneuvering waste disposal. The doors are fitted with exchangeable magnetic gaskets. A simple, economical and long lasting product, it is meant for all types of kitchens to avoid odors and risks with respect to food.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Sanjay Jain, Director, Elanpro,  said “Professional kitchens are witnessing surge in demand for unique solutions and designs. We aim at bringing the most innovative and comprehensive products to meet the need ofcommercial kitchenette. Our new range of refrigerated waste bins only reinstates our commitment to help create a hygienic environment preventing unwanted odour, food contamination or vermin.”

In view of the ever more stringent regulations governing food safety, Elanpro Garbage Cooler is an indispensable supplement in the kitchen. The product is HACCP and FSSAI certified conforming public health requirements set forth in India. The product is environmentally friendly as it has a composition free of CFC’s. The 40 mm thick rigid polyurethane foam core provides highly effective insulation.

ELANPRO GARBAGE COOLERreduces degradation of organic waste and bacterial multiplication whilst the sealing lids effectively avoid contamination of the surrounding work areas.An energy-efficient, versatile, reliable and easy to maintain product, it is now available at Elanpro Experience Centers.

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