25% of employees want gift cardsor cash voucher instead of traditional Gifts: Hush Survey

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The respondents for the survey were over 2200 employees working in companies like TCS, Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, Flipkart, Quickr, Ola and others.

According to a survey conducted by an anonymous workplace discussion app, Hush, more than 14% employees working in private companies do not want sweets as a Diwali gift.

Interestingly, close to 25% employees would like their companies to give a gift card or a cash voucher. The survey also shows that more than 36% corporates and startup employees feel that their companies wouldn’t give any Diwali gift.

Ashutosh Dabral, Co-founder and CEO commented, “Conventionally Indian sweets especially ladoos was one of the most coveted gifts for Diwali gifting. However, we have noticed a shift in trend with employees now opting for gift/cash cards, wherein they have more flexibility to buy as per their requirements”.

“The Employee Speak Survey on our platform focuses on connecting employees and their employers on one platform by helping them share their views and opinions with each other. The Diwali gifting survey gives us great insights into changing trends of corporate gifting, therefore making it easier for companies to take decisions”.

About Hush

Hush is a mobile app is an application that provides forums for employees to express their real opinions, pressing concerns, and difficult questions on topics that are important to them. Every user gets access to two forums on the app. The first is a private forum (or a Company Wall) that can be accessed only by members of the firm and their verified coworkers. The second is a public forum where one can seek answers from industry peers. Both forums are completely anonymous.

Hush was co-founded by two entrepreneurs, Ashutosh Dabral and Umesh Joshi, with expertise in product and technology for consumer tech products. The duo previously worked together at Yahoo and later launched their first venture together in 2016.

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