Jet Airways strengthens Northeast connectivity

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Airline adds 15 additional weekly flights from Guwahati

Jet Airways, India’s premier full-service international airline, today announced its plans to expand its presence in the North East and make Guwahati its regional gateway to/ from the region. The initiative forms a part of Jet Airways’ strategy to further strengthen its domestic footprint of 45 cities in the country, complementing its three hubs at Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

As part of the endeavour beginning this summer, Jet Airways will deepen its presence in select Indian cities in response to the rising demand for air travel being witnessed across the country and its network. The measure will not only boost connectivity to/from these select cities, enabling an ever greater number of guests to experience the airline’s acclaimed and well-differentiated product and service portfolio but will also help in stimulating trade and commerce in the entire North Eastern region comprising the seven states.

Under its summer schedule, Jet Airways increases the number of weekly flights between the North Eastern region and the rest of the country to 184 – adding 30 new flights weekly. The new schedule features a combination of non-stop services – several of them on unique, pioneering routes being introduced for the first time in the industry, as well as direct, one-stop services between new city pairs in the airline’s existing pan-India network, bolstering it further.

Strengthening connectivity between the country’s capital and the North Eastern region, Jet Airways introduces non-stop services including thrice-a-week flights to Aizawl and Jorhat and four-times-a-week flights to Silchar from New Delhi. The airline also resumes its operations from Imphal, the capital of Manipur and an important city in the North Eastern region, commencing four-times-a-week non-stop service to Imphal from Delhi.

Delhi and Aizawl are now be connected by a Jet Airways daily service. For three days a week, 9W 851 departs Delhi at 11:00 hrs and arrives into Aizawl 14:00 hrs. For four days, Jet Airways 9W 605 departs at 10:30 hrs, arriving into Aizawl at 14:55 hrs. On its return leg for three days, 9W 852 departs at 15:30 hrs to arrive into Delhi at 18:30 hrs.

Connecting Delhi with Jorhat, flight 9W 956 (non-stop) departs from Delhi at 11:00 hrs, and arrives into Jorhat at 14:00 hrs for three days of the week. During the other four days, 9W 917 departs Delhi at 09:20 hrs and arrives into Jorhat at 13:10 hrs. On its return leg for three days, 9W 957 departs at 15:20 hrs and lands in Delhi at 18:20 hrs. For the other four days, 9W 918 departs at 14:20 hrs and arrives into Delhi at 18:55 hrs.

Silchar is now also connected with Delhi by a daily Jet Airways service. For four days a week, 9W 991 (non-stop) departs from Delhi at 11:00 and arrives in Silchar at 13:50 hrs. For three days, Jet Airways 9W 669 departs at 09:20 hrs, arriving in Silchar at 13:10 hrs. On its return leg for four days, 9W 992 (non-stop) departs at 15:30 hrs and arrives in Delhi at 18:30 hrs while for the other three days, 9W 606 departs at 14:25 hrs and lands in Delhi at 18:55 hrs.

The daily service between Delhi and Imphal has the following schedule. For four days a week, 9W 908 (non-stop) departs Delhi at 11:05 and arrives in Imphal at 14:05 hrs. For three days, Jet Airways 9W 827 departs at 10:30 hrs, arriving into Imphal at 15:00 hrs. On its return leg for four days, 9W 909 (non-stop) departs at 15:30 hrs and arrives in Delhi at 18:35 hrs.

Jet Airways also introduces direct flights between Mumbai – India’s financial capital and the North Eastern cities of Jorhat and Imphal, facilitating seamless international access for guests travelling to/ from these cities. Imphal is also being connected with Pune through direct flights via Guwahati and Kolkata, enhancing access and connectivity further. In fact, Guwahati plays an instrumental role in this season’s connectivity facilitating non-stop daily flights to Bagdogra, Imphal and Mumbai.

Connecting Mumbai to Jorhat for three days a week, 9W 921 departs from Mumbai at 10:10 hrs and arrives in Jorhat at 14:50 hrs. Returning from Jorhat, flight 9W 936 departs at 14:35 hrs and arrives into Mumbai at 19:15 hrs. Similarly, connecting Mumbai to Imphal, flight 9W 935 departs from Mumbai at 10:10 hrs for four days a week and on its return leg, flight 9W 842 departs from Imphal at 14:35 hrs, arriving in the financial capital at19:15 hrs.

Connecting Imphal to Pune three times a week, 9W 982 will depart at 15:30 hrs and arrive into Pune at 23:35 hrs.

Effective August 2018, Jet Airways will also connect Bengaluru and Guwahati with Non-Stop daily service. Flight 9W 659 will depart Bengaluru at10:15 hrs and arrive into Guwahati at 13:15 hrs. On its return leg, 9W 660 will depart Guwahati at 16:00 hrs and arrive inti Bengaluru at 19:15 hrs.

Vinay Dube, Chief Executive Officer, Jet Airways, said, “The demand for air travel is growing steadily across cities. This, together with our guests’ desire for seamless, non-stop connectivity, forms the basis for our services being offered during the summer schedule. The mix of new services – both non-stop as well as direct – between emerging cities, key metros and our hubs in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, will not just help cater to this demand, but will also facilitate quicker and more convenient movement of guests throughout our network – in India and abroad. I am sure our unique and differentiated services will reinforce Jet Airways’ place as the airline of choice in Indian skies, besides giving an impetus to connectivity, trade and development in all the cities in the North East, including Aizawl, Jorhat, Silchar, Imphal and Guwahati.”

Other Developments

Among other network enhancements, summer 2018 also sees Jet Airways connecting the holy city of Amritsar with non-stop and direct flights from its hubs in Mumbai and Bengaluru respectively for the first time. In fact, Bengaluru witnesses the addition of other new, non-stop flights connecting it to the bustling cities of Indore and Patna, reinforcing the city’s position as Jet Airways’ third domestic hub, after Mumbai and Delhi.

For the first time, Jet Airways connects Patna with all its three hubs at Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru via non-stop services. While the airline connects the city to Bengaluru via daily services, connectivity to Mumbai is facilitated with a non-stop service on the weekend.

Cementing its presence further in the young, urban metro city of Pune, the airline also introduces new, non-stop services to Raipur and Chandigarh. Additionally, Jet Airways also begins a daily, non-stop service for the very first time – between Mumbai and Tiruchirappalli – Tamil Nadu’s famous temple city and a religious centre, aside from a new, direct service between Tiruchirappalli and Delhi.