Affiliate marketing is in its adolescence in India: Neha Kulwal, Admitad India



Admitad India, a subsidiary of global affiliate and digital marketing company, Admitad Gmbh (Germany), is one of the premier organizations providing affiliate marketing solutions to the digital marketers and companies in the country and bringing the industry to international level. Admitad has achieved remarkable success since its foray in the Indian digital marketplace in 2015. The company has posted strong sales and profits growth figures of 112.81 % and 88.06 % respectively for FY 17-18.

Admitad Expert, a series of business & networking events organised by Admitad worldwide, is a private networking events for CPA – industry participants & affiliate marketing professionals. The first Admitad Expert event was launched in 2018 in India.

Manish Joshi from NewsBarons connects with Neha Kulwal, CEO of Admitad India, who informs ‘We have mastered the subtle art of cross-border trade. This lets our publishers to easily apply for international campaigns and in turn, earn money.’
Neha Kulwal

NB: There are reports suggesting that affiliate marketing has reached its saturation point India with marketers stepping back to cut cost?

Neha: The digital landscape is ever evolving and it is safe to say that it the possibility of it reaching a saturation point is very skim. Similarly, for a digital marketing segment like Affiliate marketing, the saturation point is not even on the horizon. The reason behind this is that every year we see the birth and rise of new technologies and tools which perform better than their predecessors. It is a constant cycle of out with the old and in with the new. Also, there is much to be explored in the field as a result of the mixing of AI and Automation within the industry.

Moreover, in a country like India, affiliate marketing is somewhat in its adolescence and is getting more and more traction every day. The industry has a lot of scope to first mature and then grow in the nation. Therefore, it is safe to say that affiliate marketing has a long way to go and new heights to reach before one can consider it reaching a fabled saturation point.

As far as cost cutting is concerned, due to the support of latest global tech, affiliate marketers aren’t cutting costs but are spending their budget wisely.

NB: Tell us about Admitad’s India approach strategy?

Neha: Post our launch in 2015, we have come up with the unique concepts like our own affiliate programs, in-house tracking platforms along with a huge and trusted publisher data base to help our clients and resolve industry-wide challenges. Through own affiliate program, we not only give the transparency in work practices but advertisers also get on-time reports and ease in publisher recruitments and team management. Methods like influencer marketing, content websites along with basic coupon and cashback websites are provided as well. Moreover, Admitad India also helps their advertisers with maintaining the conversion rates, ECPC, ethical links and genuine reports which was not possible earlier and was one of the biggest challenges to advertisers.

There always be an obstacle that needs to be crossed in the industry and global affiliate networks like Admitad are always at the forefront, providing solutions for the same at earliest.

NB: How is India as a market for Admitad compared to the other locations across the globe?

Neha: India is indeed a potential market when compared with other countries. The nation ranks second in the world for the number of Internet and smartphone users, outpacing the USA. The population share of Internet users in India is expected to grow to 45% by 2021 while the number of online buyers is expected to grow to 90%. Even m-commerce has a high potential here and will, very likely, be responsible for 70% of e-commerce revenue.

A number of factors contribute to this rapid e-commerce growth — including a large population of millennials, a growing awareness of international platforms, the government’s encouragement for non-cash payment, and an increase in mobile sales. According to investment bankers, Morgan Stanley, the e-commerce market volume of the country will increase 1000% by 2026 and reach $200 billion. The more the e-commerce and online sellers/market will grow the more exposure area expands for Admitad and we can grow.

In the light of the same explosive growth, the Indian digital marketplace is very fertile and accepting of growth and ideas. The learning and earnings both are at its highest peak in the country and by stepping into the same marketplace; Admitad has achieved remarkable success. The growth of Indian market rivals that of international. Admitad uses perspective of India and International practices, in each and every plan and strategy that we employ. Hence, that’s how a particular advertiser can grow along with the affiliate industry in India.

NB: What will be the impact of AI on affiliate marketing services?

Neha: As a global affiliate marketing network, Admitad looks forward to seeing AI become one of the strongest tools to assist affiliate marketing practices world-wide. The impact of AI is going to be game-changing. It will make data compilation and analysing error free by substantially cutting the risk of misinterpretation giving marketers a better insight on the behaviour of the consumer and visitors. Along with that it will reduce the risk of fraud, optimize SEO and make things consistent, quicker, economic and efficient while giving high quality results thus, helping the marketers achieve their goals more enthusiastically.

NB: How does Admitad help publishers to monetize their traffic?

Neha: It’s all about targeting and tracking. If you target well and track smart, you will successfully monetize traffic. We, at Admitad, provide our publishers with cutting edge tools and technologies like SDKs, Money Link, Cookie Checker and Link Checker along with our in-house tracking platform, which helps them to minimize traffic and clicks wastage. This sets us apart in the industry as our clients can target their audience better as well as monitor their activity at every stage. Not only our clients can gather a better insight on their visitors but also can streamline their remarketing strategies to give the best results.

Moreover, we have mastered the subtle art of cross-border trade. This lets our publishers to easily apply for international campaigns and in turn, earn money.

NB: Tell us about Admitad Expert?

Neha: The first Admitad Expert India event was organised on 6thApril, 2018. The event focused on providing an apt platform for affiliates and advertisers to discuss the industry issues and Admitad professional’s brain storm on solutions provided by Admitad India. The conversation at the event was dedicated towards the various factors impacting the third wave of internet users and how entrepreneurs can tap India’s rapidly growing internet market.